Un sostegno per chi soffre di mal di testa


Welcome to the website of Ticino Headache. Do you suffer from headaches? Want to know more?

Are you interested in the opinion of experts or specialists on the subject? Do you want detailed information on new techniques or therapies? Are you interested with a physician or you would like access to adequate healthcare? Then you are in the right place!

Now you are no longer alone! ACTI Ticino is always near!

Headache is unfortunately still a very neglected disorder, sometimes even from the medical world. This  is due to a lack of information, despite the progress made by research in the field of headaches carried out in recent years. Patients do not like to talk about their disease or feel different from others. They are often ashamed to speak about it because people who do not have migraine do not know what suffering from headache means.

The Association Headache Ticino  is used to reverse this trend, to provide targeted information and support for those suffering from headaches or for those who would like to understand what leads to this condition.